Kamloops Door and Window Screen Repairs

Kamloops Door Window Screen Repairs

Doctor Screen now in Kamloops, BC.

Doctor Screen has been installing screen windows and doors that both add a level of functionality as well as curb appeal to a home’s exterior for years.

Kamloops Door Window Screen Repairs Services

At Doctor Screen, you’ll find the best window and door screen experts specializing in screen repairs and installations for both windows and doors for residential and commercial buildings. Our valued clients have long been choosing Doctor Screen for years thanks to our in-depth expertise.

While standard door and window screens may be found at your local home improvement store, they may not always fit perfectly. And when it comes to openings that are not standard in size or shape, custom-fit screens are required. In this case, an expert is necessary to ensure accurate measurements and cuts are done for a perfect fit.

Unfortunately, hardware stores do not provide custom services or repairs & installations, and as such, the chances of purchasing the wrong screen are pretty high.

Doctor Screen Will Come to You

It can be a real hassle to have to physically visit a home improvement store in order to find a replacement window screen or door screen; or even drag your existing screen to be repaired. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be met with disappointment when they realize that after all their efforts there is little that can be done.

At Doctor Screen, we now service all residential and commercial customers in Kamloops BC! You no longer need to drag your screen to the local shop for repairs, nor do you need to visit a shop at all even when you are looking for a new screen.

Doctor Screen’s mobile trailer brings these services directly to you! Our mobile screening trailers come equipped with everything needed to repair, replace, measure, cut, and install your screens. Just one phone call can bring all this right to you.

Experience You Can Trust

Doctor Screen comes backed with plenty of experience and a long track record of happy and satisfied customers. Our years in the industry have allowed us to refine the trade so our clients can earn the rewards. Only the highest quality materials and equipment are used, and our techniques are unparalleled.

Call your local Kamloops, BC distributor and we’ll provide answers to all your questions today!

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