Doctor Screen & Mirage Screen Systems Partnership

The Chief Screen Physician, Greg Woolvett, is proud to announce the partnership of Doctor Screen and Mirage Screens Systems Inc. for their retractable screens. Both companies are proud to be part of the window and door screen industry, and that’s why they are teaming up to provide customers with the high quality retractable screens and professional installations they will appreciate.

About Doctor Screen

Doctor Screen is working to become the Nation’s #1 mobile screening service. Serving the entire Country, our Doctors will offer the best in quality screening products and services to your door with our Mobile Clinics housed in our trailers.

About Mirage Screen Systems Inc.

Mirage Screen Systems Inc. is the maker of Mirage retractable window screens and retractable screen doors, providing top-quality screening systems for doors, windows and larger openings. Mirage sells its retractable screen products through a dealer network that spans North America, and consumers as well as dealers in the industry recognize Mirage as a leader in screen quality and innovation.

With our combined level of expertise in the screening industry, we believe this partnership will be a valuable asset to our companies and our customers.

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