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Every home is made up of a number of important components that provide a level of functionality, practicality, end enjoyment to all those who dwell within it, and that includes screen doors and windows.

Rather than propping the doors and windows of your home open and allow all types of pesky bugs and other debris in, window screens and door screens allow you the advantage of letting fresh air in.

However, window screens and door screens can become worn out over time, and will eventually require repair or complete replacement. When this occurs, your first thought might be to take the screens out yourself and bring them over to your local hardware store to have them repaired, or to find a replacement.

However, stores like these typically only carry standard sizes, which won’t serve you any purpose if your door and window openings are not of standard size or shape. In addition, the staff at these stores are not specifically trained to repair screens or custom-fit them for your home.

Door & Window Screen Repairs and Installations in Canmore, Alberta

There’s a better solution when it comes to making the necessary repairs on your screens, or install new ones. At Doctor Screen Canmore, we are fully trained and have plenty of experience and stand by our work. We make sure to carefully measure your screens ensuring the optimal fit each and every time.

Mobile Window Screens and Door Screens Services in Canmore, Alberta

Rather than physically having to make the trip to the hardware store to have your screens repaired or cut and measured, you can have the entire process simplified with one quick phone call to Doctor Screen Canmore. Thanks to our handy and sophisticated mobile screen trailers, we bring the service right to your home! All repairs and measurements are done right on site so you never have to worry about making the trip yourself. We take care of all the details so you don’t have to.

The Doctor is IN!

Do it right the first time and call Doctor Screen Canmore for all of your window screens and door screens repair and installation issues. We look forward to helping you outfit your home with the highest quality door screens and window screens.

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