Do you have Allergies? Screens can Help

Spring is here, and along with spring comes allergy season. Allergies are a real problem especially during this time of the year. Allergy season usually starts in the early spring and runs straight through into late fall. There are many health … [Read more...]

Creating the Perfect Oasis


Spring is officially here, and that means bees, bugs and other insects will be returning. It’s almost impossible to sit out on the patio without the nuisance of these insects. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about them? Doctor screens … [Read more...]

Effective Screens Have Many Benefits


Window screens play a vital role in every home. During the cold winter months, they are often replaced with storm windows to help protect your house from the cold. In the spring or summer, retractable window screens give you the ability to hide the … [Read more...]

Are your Screens Ready for Spring?


Spring brings warmer temperatures and pleasant breezes, which means you will be opening your windows to air out your home and enjoy the weather. But before you do, you will need to make sure your window screens are ready for spring. Spring screen … [Read more...]

Why Install Screen Doors?


Are you looking for an inexpensive but functional addition you can add to your home? Installing a screen door on your front entrance could provide the benefits you’re looking. Most screen doors installed on front entrances are storm doors. These … [Read more...]

Casement Window Operators

window crank

Most people are not familiar with the proper method of using the common casement window crank. The crank is meant to gradually open or close the window as much or as little as the resident wishes. If you over crank the operator it can become stripped … [Read more...]

Edmonton Door & Window Screen Repair

Edmonton Screen Repair

Windows and doors screens will experience normal wear and tear, and they often require repairs or replacements to fix them. Doctor Screen is able to help you with all your repair or replacement needs. Doctor Screen, is proudly serving Edmonton … [Read more...]