Pool Enclosure- Your Summertime Solution

pool enclosure

Owning your own pool allows you a lot of freedom, but maintaining your pool can be a lot of work. You can try and keep debris out with a simply pool cover, but dirt and leaves still get in as the wind can blow your cover off. Investing in a … [Read more...]

Durable pet resistant screens

pet resistant screens

One of the most common repairs we perform is repairing or replacing screens that have been ruined by an aggressive cat or an eager dog. If your pets have torn through or scratched through your screens, we have the perfect solution for you Pet … [Read more...]

Stay Cool and Save Money this Summer!

stay cool and save money

Air conditioners are among one of the biggest utility bill a home owner must pay. With summer weather quickly approaching, you may be quick to turn on the air conditioning. However, there are more cost-efficient options to stay cool this summer. … [Read more...]

Measuring Your Window Screens 101


Whether you're repairing an old window screen or replacing it with a new one, measuring the screen is a must. Having said that, measuring your window screens must be done with great care and precise accuracy in order to ensure the perfect fit. A … [Read more...]